Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama dropped the Ball (Gown)

We LOVE Michelle Obama. She is a smart woman (she's a lawyer, after all), a great mother, and the worlds most supportive wife. But she needs to hire a new stylist!

We had such high hopes for Michelle Obama's inauguration day and evening wear, after all, she has taken a few fashion risks and has pulled them off before!

But BOY were her dresses CLUNKERS yesterday!
That Isabel Toledo nightmare was a hybrid of "mother-of-the-bride" meets Barbara Bush, neither a very pretty picture.

The ball gown by Jason Wu did nothing for her, it looked like a chenille bedspread, it made her bust look funny, the angular lines of the straight top and the one shoulder strap were very unflattering.

If WE had dressed her, she'd have worn something more like this!

This sweet bow jacket from Anthropologie is really cute, and similar to styles MO has worn before, much more modern than her frumpy choice. Its muted color would look great over this J. Crew dress in a similar color palette to the Toledo dress.

This vintage Valentino dress with the more graceful and feminine lines would have looked so pretty on her, the taupe color would look subtle yet gorgeous on her skin tone. image source

Or this vintage sweetheart neckline dress by Roberto Capucci in inky blue would have been so stunning on Michelle too, fitted through the torso and exquisitely structured, it would have flattered her tall frame. image source

Michelle Obama: We are available for stylist services if you need us! Just doing our patriotic duty!



  1. Haha! She would have looked stunning in those dresses you picked out! They are GORGEOUS!

  2. I totally agree! With what's I'm sure where numerous designers willing to dress her, what made her pick that - I'm not sure. The Valentino dress you posted is amazing! You would have thought she would have gone for something with a little more elegance than that bedspread

  3. Yes, I'd have to agree with you! I love the fabric used in her daywear but the cut was not flattering. I'm just now seeing her gown and I like your choices much better! The evening gown looks like something a pre-teen would wear.

  4. Beadin By The Sea
    I said the same thing! a bad prom dress!

  5. I definately see where you're coming from. She'd have looked great wearing a sack though, IMHO:)
    I love that taupe dress. It would have looked fabulous on her!

  6. very pretty picks! love them all and we can hope Michelle will take something away from this!

  7. haha i think you would have done a much better job than her actual stylist!
    she usually knocks it out of the park, too bad she didnt on inauguration day

  8. hello darling! hope your well my dear. You know i like both pieces but i think if worn wrong or for the wrong event can create the problem. I think the the green suit was very ageing,i think she needs to map her own way style wise.
    big kiss,

  9. I liked her dresses, but your picks are way more glamourous!